*We are moving! CharliePops are moving to New York so we are not currently accepting any orders at this time. Thank you to all of our LA customers for all your love and support!

We're changing the way you feel about cake pops!

Unlike other cake pops, CharliePops are not overly sweet. This allows the true flavors of the cake and chocolate to come through.

We only use the finest organic ingredients. Each pop has a dense, decadent, truffle-like center which is then dipped in pure chocolate. (Most are dipped in chemical-laden candy melts). We believe in keeping them simple and sophisticated yet delicious. They are the perfect treat for every event: birthdays, holidays, thank-yous, congratulations, weddings, showers, or just because it's a Wednesday and you really fancy a treat. CharliePops are made in Los Angeles, fresh to order, by hand. All of our cocoa products are fair-trade. We use colors made by nature - fruit and vegetable juices. Absolutely NO artificial ingredients, chemical food dyes, GMO's or anything else nasty, ever! All packaging is made from biodegradable materials and deliveries are made in Los Angeles by our plug-in hybrid car. We are also fully solar powered.

**We are not accepting orders at this time. Please email us for more information charliepopsorganics@gmail.com